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Northrop Rice supports aviation maintenance service providers who are required to have and maintain a training program approved by the FAA that includes initial and recurrent training.


We help you strengthen the structure, process, delivery and documentation of employee training to maintain requirements and enhance business performance. With our extensive experience in the aviation maintenance training industry, we can provide the services you need to operate an efficient and effective aviation training program.


Our Technical Capabilities:


  • Training Program assessment, design and development
  • Instructor training
  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Delivery
  • Training Administrative and Operations manual
  • Structured On The Job (SOJT) training processes
  • Program Management


Our Aviation Training Services Include:


Training Program Development – The process of developing the policies and procedures that clearly define the most efficient aviation training program. The development of a documented Training Manual is a result of this process.


Needs Assessment – The needs assessments identifies the specific skills and knowledge employees must possess in order to perform their job. The needs assessment for each department/position is used to build an effective training program that specifically trains employees in the subject matter they need. Needs assessments are necessary to develop curriculum and training guidelines for classroom, OJT and distance learning methodologies.


Course Delivery – Classroom or online delivery of our training courses or delivery of your course materials.


Structured OJT Training (SOJT) – Structured on-the-job training processes and materials can be developed to validate and provide consistency to this valuable and efficient training process.


Courseware Development – Development of the course content, lesson plans and study guides for classroom, online and SOJT training.


Train the Trainer – Basic training for newly qualified classroom or OJT instructors.


Training Program Audits – An evaluation of your training processes, documentation system and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Repair Station Certification Manuals – Repair Station, Quality Control and Training Program manuals to meet initial Part 145 certification.


Please contact us if you have a training issue that might not be specifically addressed on our website. We will search our resources and network to find the best solution to your issue.

Classroom Training

Building a strong training program provides great return-on-investment through a safe work environment and the quality of work performed at your facility. Give your company the competitive advantage with the strength of your professional, competent personnel.
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