Northrop Rice’s Vision – Safety, Professionalism, Success

When you step in the door of Northrop Rice you’re not stepping into a maintenance training facility you’re stepping into a family legacy. Northrop Rice prides itself on its history as much as it does its future. The future that’s important for Northrop Rice is the well-trained, professional mechanic who realizes that a career in aviation is a lifelong learning endeavor. Sheet metal, electronics, hydraulics, and composites are all just words without students and teachers who are passionate about them. Northrop Rice has been in the business of providing training services and products to the aviation maintenance industry for over 40 years. Northrop Rice is run by Cathy Rice Landry, whose focus is on the development of training programs, curriculum, classroom instruction and structured on-the-job training (OJT) processes. Cathy will be the first to tell you that structured training programs, whether in the classroom or OJT are vital to the integrity of any aviation organization. Without the certification and guarantee that a mechanic has been properly trained the general public would not feel safe riding on equipment that he or she has serviced. Aviation is a service, first and foremost, offered to people who can only trust that the operators and mechanics of each aircraft are properly trained. Northrop Rice trains great mechanics who love to work on machinery. A great mechanic who loves his job and is confident in his abilities is likely going to perfectly service an airplane every time. Mechanics are the front line of safety in the industry, it would be unethical to not train to the most rigorous standards possible.